Tomer shani



Tomer Shani is the Co-Founder and COO of Notevo Systems, Ltd. Prior to Notevo, Tomer assisted in the development of Electric Vehicles (EV), a new and efficient method for wirelessly charges vehicle’s batteries. Previosuly, he served as VP of Operations at ITL Optronics, a leading hi-tech company of disciplinary high-end electro-optic devices. While at ITL Optronics, Tomer ran the manufacturing operations of tactical night vision, thermal imaging, laser range finders, target acquisitioning, fire control systems and more. Additionally, Tomer lead ITL Optronics’ corporate worldwide operations, including the U.S. and India subsidiaries, production to military standard and supply-chain optimization for mass production. He also had a hand in ITL being acquired by Elbit Systems (NASDAQ:ESLT), as an involved key player in the company’s research and development activities, including patents registration in the field of optics. Tomer holds a B.Sc. in Industrial and Management Engineering and an MBA.

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