meet sowlo.a new species of sound.

Sound delivered directly to your ears, and your ears only. Similar to that of an owl, Sowlo’s technology is able to accurately and precisely detect and track movement. This detection process amplifies your personal sound experience.


Sowlo technology focuses the audio content directly and solely to the user’s ears, all without any intermediate hardware such as earphones. The system constantly tracks the user’s position and dynamically focuses the audio beams to follow the user’s ears, creating unique abilities to: Consume sound in a personal manner, avoid disturbing others & create a new dimension in 3D, directional sound interface.

How does Sowlo work?



Intelligent 3D sensors constantly locate and track user’s position



Incoming audio signal from a device runs through Sowlo’s proprietary processing and DSP engines



Small transducers (speakers) focus acoustical energy to the user’s ears with no moving parts