silviu zilberman, PH.D.



Silviu is the Head of Physics and Algorithms of Noveto Systems, Ltd. Before Noveto, Silviu served as VP of research and development at Acoustic-Eye, a pioneer company developing NDT solutions for non-traversing tube and pipe inspection using patented dual-mode acoustic pulse reflectometry. Prior to, he served as the Senior Scientist and Algorithms Engineer at OrSense, a medical device company developing innovating and non-invasive motoring technologies of blood parameters. Before his position at OrSense, Silviu was a Research and Teaching Assistant at the Tel-Aviv University and an Operation Research Officer in ministry of defense. He has written several patents for acoustical probing sensors and data analysis algorithms. Silviu received his Ph.D. in chemical physics and B.Sc. in computer sciences, plus a postdoc from Princeton University.

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