Noveto Systems Wins in an Exclusive Daimler’s STARTUP AUTOBAHN Program


TEL AVIV, ISRAEL–(Marketwired – July 21, 2016)

Noveto Systems LTD, a company dedicated to developing the next generation of audio human-machine interface, has announced that out of 300 companies, it is among the first three to win a place on the Daimler’s Startup Autobahn program — a program that unites global startups with the unrivalled tech expertise of Silicon Valley and the best of German engineering.


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Best of MWC 2016


There are so many possible applications for Private Sound: TVs, gaming, IoT, general communications, PCs, services, smartphones, and so on. It’s not a surprise that several big names in the industry are already showing interest in Noveto’s system.


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New Tech for the Home, Office and… Factory


Coming to an office near you in early 2017

The product of two rapidly evolving (and shrinking) technologies: 3-D tracking and sound projection wires were once a necessary evil of the personal audio experience, and soon the in-ear or on-ear component may also be obsolete. A sound projection system will track your head movements and fire audio to your ears like a laser. With this technology, from Israeli-based startup Noveto Systems Ltd., you could take a personal call or enjoy death metal in your cubicle without the hindrance of headphones. Anyone nearby, even within inches of your head, won’t hear a thing.


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Diesen Lautsprecher kann nur einer hören


Dazu verfolgt die Noveto-Technik mit einer 3D-Kamera den Kopf des Menschen und lenkt mit speziellen Lautsprechern den Ton nur an seine Ohren. Was ein bisschen wie Zauberei klingt, soll schon Ende dieses Jahres als fertiges Produkt in die Läden kommen.

Auf der Unterhaltungselektronik-Messe CES 2016 in Las Vegas konnte BILD die Technologie bereits ausprobieren. Das erste Gerät, in dem sie zum Einsatz kommen soll, ist ein Bluetooth-Lautsprecher für Smartphones.


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Startup can direct sound to your ears only


BARCELONA — For Your Ears Only means of course that the words being spoken are only intended for you.

An Israeli startup I met up with recently at Mobile World Congress called Noveto Systems has developed “Private Sound” technology that can literally beam audio to your ears and your ears only, while the person right next to you cannot hear a thing.


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Noveto speaker plays so only you can hear, no headphones needed


Noveto has shown off its directional speaker system that it wants to change the world by putting an end to headphones.

The idea behind the Noveto speaker is to play audio directly into the ears of a single person without anyone else hearing the sound.

Why would you want this? At work it could be great for taking calls without a headset, or listening to music without bothering anyone. At home you could watch TV or play a game without anyone else hearing – you could even have different sound to each gamer. If there’s someone who is hard of hearing they could have a louder feed than everyone else in the room.


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Noveto Systems Changes Sound As We Know It


It’s not that often that you witness a product demonstration that absolutely blows your mind. But at last week’s Mobile World Congress, Israeli company Noveto Systems did just that. They are developing the next-generation of human-machine vocal interface, enabling sound-emitting devices to transmit sound beams to the user’s ears only, without any external hardware on the user.


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Start-up Noveto will Audio-Nutzung revolutionieren


Das israelische Start-up Noveto will mit einer neuartigen Klang-Steuerung Kopfhörer künftig überflüssig machen. Als erstes Gerät ist eine Docking-Station für Smartphones angekündigt.


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New speakers can “focus” the sound so only you can hear it


As far as I’m concerned, headphones are a necessary evil: I don’t really like wearing them, but I wouldn’t want to hear other people’s music while I work and I wouldn’t want to bother others either. Unfortunately for me, earbuds never stay in my ears and since I wear glasses at the PC, normal headphones are pretty uncomfortable as well. This is why I really liked the new prototype that Noveto created. The company came up with a system of directional speakers that can focus the emitted sound waves so that only your ears can hear them.


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Private Sound Technology – Diesen Sound Kann Nur Eine Person Hören


Ihr habt bisher noch nichts vom israelischen Unternehmen Noveto gehört? Das wird sich in naher Zukunft bestimmt ändern. Der Hightech-Gigant arbeitet aktuell an einem Lautsprecher-System, dessen Sound nur zu den Ohren des Zuhörers gelangt. Bereits in diesem Jahr soll das erste fertige Produkt erscheinen. Wie das System funktioniert, erfahrt ihr hier.


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