you won't believe your ears.

Noveto’s Smart Audio ™ delivers a sound experience unlike any other, wherever you are. Noveto’s advanced technology personalizes and shapes the way you interact with sound, with no strings attached.


Noveto’s Smart Audio ™ changes the way you work. By removing the need for isolating headphones while in the
office, Noveto’s Smart Audio opens up a world of communication and productivity, without disturbing others.



Turn your hands-free calls on speakerphone into completely private conversations

Privately conduct conference calls on Skype or Facetime video while staying tuned to your immediate surrounding


Easily embedded in every computer screen frame, for Mac or PC

Combine both private and regular speakers to Mac or PC’s frame so you can easily switch between the two sound modes


Take advantage of today’s wide-band, consume news, technical or informational clips, all without disturbing others

Get a private alert every time you receive an email, upcoming meeting, etc. without bothering those around you