you won't believe your ears.

Noveto’s Smart Audio™ delivers a sound experience unlike any other, wherever you are. Noveto’s advanced technology personalizes and shapes the way you interact with sound, with no strings attached.


Noveto’s Smart Audio changes the way you interact with your environment.
Experience the freedom of sound, your way.



Stay connected to your own personal audio world with Sowlo Roaming environment. Wherever you are, your sound roams with you.

Experience an entirely new way of working out, with personalized sound, completely free of wires and headphones


Working on your laptop in a coffee shop? Using the local ATM? Interested in the new product on display?

Noveto’s Smart Audio provides you with the privacy and comfort you seek


Interacting with your surrounding just became that much simpler. Imagine a world where Noveto’s Smart Audio makes sure each of us can listen to our own sound, and ours alone. Customized advertising, personal notifications, private guidance and directions, and more…

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