you won't believe your ears.

Noveto’s Smart Audio ™ delivers a sound experience unlike any other, wherever you are. Noveto’s advanced technology personalizes and shapes the way you interact with sound, with no strings attached.


Noveto’s Smart Audio ™ changes the way you listen. Enjoy your music and sounds privately,
without disturbing others.



Enjoy your favorite TV series, sporting events and movies anytime, at any volume

Listen to your music while your family listens to theirs

Play video games at any volume, whenever you want

Play in Split-screen mode with your family and guests enjoying a new level of gaming sophistication

Enjoy 3D immersive sound effects while watching movies or playing on your gaming console


Easily switch speakers from regular to private mode

Listen to music, audiobooks and podcasts while you’re actively “roaming” throughout the house


Personalized alarm wakes only you without disturbing others

Noveto’s Smart Audio for Smart Home allows you to stay connected, by delivering alerts and notifications anywhere in your home