you won't believe your ears.

Noveto’s Smart Audio ™ delivers a sound experience unlike any other, wherever you are. Noveto’s  advanced technology puts safety first, by personalizing the way you interact with sound, while you stay focused on the road.


Safety, comfort and privacy are compromised when sound is consumed while driving, reaching for or holding the phone, untangling wires, or using Bluetooth. Noveto’s Smart Audio is an intuitive vocal interface, facilitating communication with existing systems, keeping the driver focus on the road. Stay connected, not distracted.



Private sound Smartphone interface

Receive personal notifications & messages discreetly

Conduct private calls

Minimize “FOMO” (Fear of Missing Out) risks

Allows you to keep your focus on the road, while staying connected


Collision avoidance – 3D sound events originated from source of hazard

3D Navigation directions – delivered only to the driver’s ear

3D sound for parking assistance


Your passengers can enjoy their entertainment without disturbing you

Highly usable in conjunction with private screens